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I Live in a Bjork Video

I've been a fan of Björk since the late 1990s. Her Homogenic album is her best, and I'm not asking anyone to like it as much as I do. There was a DVD released of many of her videos called Volumen that I watched endlessly.

One of my favorite songs and videos is for the song Bachelorette. It's the story of a woman who finds a book that writes itself as she lives her life... and then things get very recursive. And I've just discovered that I live in the video.

You can watch the video here:

When I say I live in the video, I mean that a very brief portion was filmed in my neighborhood. I like to imagine that it was  prophetic in some way—that somehow I made my new home here with Jen because of a Björk video. I know this is pure coincidence, but I think it's fun anyway. Jen and I went to explore the site of the shot and here's what we found.

The video is from 1997, so 15 years later, a few things have changed. Here is a stil from the original video:


From the original video.


That's the Willis (Sears) Tower in the background. The picture was taken from the Roosevelt Road Viaduct, which passes over the train yard for Union Station. Those are AmTrak trains going by.

Now compare that to this image taken in December, 2012:


From Roosevelt Road Viaduct, looking north

This is a very short walk from where I live and is very similar to the view I have from our balcony. There are a couple of new buildings, but it's easily recognizable as the same spot.

Here's a full color picture of the same area:


Click for full resolution

Just a bit of fun for me.


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  1. Very strange song and video. But, very fun story!

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