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Shifting Gears

Those who know me know might find it hard to believe that I was on the cover of Campus Coalition, the Campus Crusade for Christ magazine. It's true - I took park in a spring break bike trip they offered and managed to get on the cover and featured in the article. I learned some things on that trip, including the idea that I'm not really forcing myself to believe things.

Here is an abbreviated version of that story included in the larger context of bicycles, learning new skills, and learning to change behavior.

Two Different Girls

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In which I re-live a little bit of summer camp. I long for the smell of deep woods off, bacon grease, and the sound of rain on the tent. Two Different Girls.


Confronting Wes Anderson

I was honored to be asked by Brian to guest blog on Skeptoid's blog, and this was my first entry. A couple of people asked me what this had to do with skepticism, and it's simple really: skepticism involves challenging your preconceived notions. Before you say a work of art sucks (be it music, film, or a painting), be sure you understand it. I don't understand Wes Anderson.

Confronting Wes Anderson

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In Dependence Day

I wrote a piece for Two Different Girls about an experience I had at a local gas station regarding a homeless person's plight. This wasn't a very comfortable piece, but it generated some thought. A week after the incident leaves me with no more insight than I had that day.

In Dependence Day