Jeff Wagg


Writing Club on Hold.. Unless?

Ok, I admit it: I've overcommitted myself. I do this often and seem unable to learn how not to do this, but I HAVE to learned to realize it when I have. And I have. Something has to go.

And, I've decided to let something go that hasn't even started yet: The Curious1729 Writers Club. This project, which would have been a simple and supportive writers group. is something that I desperately want to do. But I can't do it justice at the moment, so I have to let it go. Or... I have to shelve it until I can resurrect it... OR.. someone else could start a similar project.

There's enough demand out there amongst my Facebook friends (that most likely includes YOUR Facebook friends) that I'm positive this would be successful. Someone just needs to start it, and I can't right now.

So I apologize to those of you who were interested in joining. If anyone wants to start a group but is afraid of not knowing how or needs some guidance, contact me and I'll share what I know. My basic advice is: do it, and figure out how afterwards. 🙂

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