Jeff Wagg


Updates on Things I’ve Been Working On…


A lot has changed, and I figured that I'd better make note of things. Here's a list of old projects and new projects, and what their stati are. My reasons for making these changes is complex, and worthy of a blog post on its own.

What's Old:

1) Rational Alchemy Radio Program and Podcast
After several years, I'm stepping down as co-host at the end of August. The show will continue with Nigel and Brian! It's been a lot of fun and I've met some great folks, but I find that I'm much less of an effective spokesperson for "Skepticism" than I once was, so I'm making room for someone with more zeal. If you're interested in applying to be a co-host, send an e-mail to

2) Indie Skeptics Blog
I started this blog about a year ago to give a voice to Skeptics who simply wanted to post a few things but not start their own blog. We had some great posts over the year, but in May, posts started to get a little thin. I decided not to pursue new content, and just let things take their course. And they have. Andrew Gould has stepped forward to take over the site and has some great ideas for its future. In the meantime, the content will be staying there, so your links will still work, and if you'd like to submit an article during the changeover, feel free to drop me a line at

3) SkeptiQuote Twitter Account
I stopped updating this account a LONG time ago, and no one seemed to notice so I wasn't concerned. However, if you'd like to take this twitter account and turn it into something again, please drop me a line. A brave soul has taken this on!

4) SkepticsRock IRC Channel
I joined this IRC channel in July of 2005, and it was literally a life-changing event. It has been the focus of my social life since then. But now I find that I'd like to try some new things, and I've decided to leave the chat for awhile. I might be back tomorrow, I might never be back - I just can't know right now. I will say this: some of the finest people I've EVER met, I met through the chatroom. Smart, funny, and generous to a fault, these folks influenced the skeptics community more than anyone will realize.

5) SkepTours
SkepTours will continue, but I'm going to change the name and expand the focus a bit. I'm going to focus on one trip a year, and aim towards affordability rather than exotica.

What's NEW:

1) Curious1729
I'll be promoting this a lot in the months to come, but the concept is this: a conference devoted to curiosity. Our premiere event will be held in St. Louis, MO at Saturday, May 26th (Memorial Day Weekend). Our goal is to make this conference affordable and fun with interesting speakers, presentations... and probably most important of all... an interesting venue. We've reserved The City Museum! You've seen nothing like this before.

2) The 1729 Writer's Club
As I mentioned on Facebook and Google+ several weeks ago, I'd like to start a friendly, supportive creative writing group. I've set up a Google Groups portal to keep track of things. The concept is this: we help each other get our writing projects done through creative exercises, constructive criticism, and sharing of useful tools, books, etc. After a given a time... a few months... a year... we'll publish our works together in an e-book available for sale in the Kindle store (or wherever). Proceeds would go to a charity of our choosing. I'm doing this because I want to be part of such a group.

3) Chicago Skeptics
Ok, this isn't new, but I'm still going to be involved with Chicago Skeptics. In fact, we're organizing a SkeptiCamp for Chicago at the end of January.

4) Lecturing and Guesting on Podcasts and such
Over the past few years I've lectured in a variety of states and at events such as Dragon*Con, TAM, The Amaz!ng Adventure, SkepTours, etc., and I've been on many of the popular skeptic podcasts. While I won't be seeking out such opportunities, I'll consider them as they present themselves. I'm tentatively scheduled to give a humanist's walking tour of Harvard's Campus in October and I'll likely be speaking at the upcoming Chicago Skepticamp and of course, on the Mediterranean SkepTour. I'm sure I'll do a few more lectures for Chicago Skeptics as well, and I'll definitely be presenting at the upcoming curiosity event in St. Louis. And I've just learned that I'll be emcee at the upcoming Carl Sagan Day in November. If you'd like to hear me flap my gums, drop me a line.