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This is a follow up to my article The Media Miracle.

Immediately after posting that article, I was contacted by Patrick Smith, who asked if his article influenced my article. What happened next was very interesting, so I'm going to tell the story in some detail.

As soon as Patrick sent that e-mail, I immediately looked at his article, and I thought... Wow, there's a lot of similarity here. But I hadn't read his article before I wrote mine, so how could that be? And then I remembered.

On the morning of August 18, 2010, I sleepily grabbed my iPad and browsed through two periodicals: USAToday and Slate, using their respective iPad apps. One of the featured articles in Slate was indeed Patrick's article. With horror, I thought "Holy cow, I've stolen his article."


The Media Miracle

Crash of an ARIES 737

Click for video from ABC's Frontline

UPDATE at the bottom.

We've seen the headlines: "Church Burns, Miracle Baby Survives" followed by quotes like "Jesus was watching little Jessica that day." And then there's no mention of the 200 people inside who suffered a horrific death. The baby's survival is attributed to a higher force, and the victims were just statistics.

It seems to me, and I'm sure many of you, that if a higher power was involved, she/he/it deserves credit for the tragedy as well as the remarkable survival.  Unfortunately, people don't want to focus on the tragedy, and that's why today's article in USA Today entitled "Engineers: Passengers' survival was miracle by design" and the linked ABC Frontline video are so interesting.


Not Ready Yet!

If you're seeing this, know that I'm just experimenting here. But hey, if you want, here's a song for you to enjoy. 🙂Bakerman, by Midnight Oil

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