Jeff Wagg


What Happened in Vegas?

As the previous posts show, I was on a vision quest of sorts, trying to figure out where to go after a number of calamities befell me. Unfortunately, I got waylaid unexpectedly in Texas, and my trip got a bit bizarre.

For the record, I was trying to get to Barker's Ranch, in Death Valley. I had tried to get there before, but was stymied by a "dry fall," which is a nice name for a wall of rock that my rented Dodge Raider couldn't dream of handling. When I was finally ready to attempt it with the Land Rover, someone burned it down!

So, to hell with it. I drove the Land Rover out to what is known as "The Geologist's Cabin" in Butte Valley, and called that done. I actually participated in a bit of secret activity out there, which was fun, but I obviously can't tell you about it or I'd have to change the first adjective in this sentence.

I drove the SUV from Montreal, QC to Dallas, TX, and then to Las Vegas. THEN I took it to Long Beach, California. Since then, I've driving it from Las Vegas to Dallas and back, and again to Ventura, CA and back to Vegas.

But now, it's time to say good bye. Next week, I'm going to sell it. As much as I love it, I know a major repair is likely, and I can't afford to take the chance. I still have the Ridgeline, and while it doesn't have anywhere near the "soul" of the Land Rover, it has a whole lot more mechanical integrity.

And thus ends the "Land Rover" chapter of my life.

But a new one is starting. Stay tuned.